We are a group of Oxbridge students and graduates who in 2019 set up Oxbridge + as an organisation to help students gain experience in the Oxbridge-style interview setting.

We all volunteer to interview students, and we are all passionate about the excellence of young people.


In the 2020/2021 admissions round, we set up a trial, interviewing 15 students either once, or even up to four times. As a result of the trial, 10 of our students reached interview stage, and of that 10, 7 gained places at Oxbridge.

As a result of this successful trial, across the following two cycles we provided 50 students with mentoring and/or mock interviews, with 68% going on to be successful in their application. Our mentees recorded how helpful such thorough mentoring was and many have now become mentors for the company following training.


We set up monthly interview periods, from July to December, and provide detailed interview feedback to help students to improve. We recommend students complete 2 or 3 sets of interviews over the period with us to gain the best feedback, and get used to the interview environment.


Interviews are just an academic conversation, looking to challenge your thinking, whilst looking at your skillset as a student. The skills looked for differ by subject, but near to all include critical thinking.


We provide either mentoring throughout the entire admission process but also just mock interviews if wanted.